Tutorial Videos


Get to know everything about TalkVia One in our series of tutorials.

TalkVia One Overview

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Lesson 2: General Messages

Lesson 3: Conversations

Lesson 4: Testing Your Voice App

Lesson 5: Using Extensions

Lesson 6: Publishing Your App

TalkVia is a cutting-edge Australian based voice tech company. 

Six years ago, our founder Ray Guy set out on a mission to help his blind friend Rob navigate the internet. Having lost his sight a few years prior, Rob, who was computer literate, had been struggling along using the tools suggested by Vision Australia. When Ray saw this process in action and how hard it was to find something as simple as a “submit password” button, he set out to find a better way. Because the goal was to enable people with no sight to navigate, book, buy, search etc using voice only, he ended up building an entire voice engine from the ground up.

A few years later, with the emergence of Alexa and Google Home on the market, Ray and the TalkVia board recognised the opportunity to pivot and repurpose these tools for smart assistants.

Today, TalkVia’s products are packed with unique features and can communicate with all smart assistants.

To build with us means deployment is faster and cheaper, and due to our wealth of experience, it will be a better end-user experience. Our platform has been developed with security front of mind, and your data belongs to you and your clients. We would become your dedicated voice tech team and an extension of your business.